This blog should probably be dedicated to all the nerds out there that also like to learn about many other things in life. Being a big tech freak that I am, I still think that I need to take a break from technology sometimes. This is why this blog will contain all sorts of information that I want to talk about. I do have a life and it’s not just technology that I want to talk about all the time although I still decided to create a blog—that is still related to technology.

The reason why I decided to let my thoughts out through a blog is because I want to talk to fellow tech freaks who think the same way as me. That life is not bound by technology and we all need a little bit more knowledge in other hobbies like shooting or healthy living like juicing. I want you readers to comment on my posts and to really be interactive with me. I will try to answer your questions or reactions as soon as I can. If you want a personal discussion or if you want to suggest something, you can email me and I’ll make sure to read it when I get the chance.

I want to tell you more about myself on this last part, I love technology and my passion is to review mobile apps and be updated about what’s happening in the tech world. Although this blog also consists of my other hobbies and interest, expect the geek inside me to still review mobile apps and more gadgets in the future.