Long Term Treatment for Jaw Pain

Stress is a big factor when it comes to TMD, you may be staring at the computer or your mobile phone too long that you don’t even notice it. There are many treatment options that are available to fix TMJ disorder.  You need to consult a professional to be able to address the kind of TMD that you have. This article will tell you more about the traditional treatments for TMD.

Appliance Therapy

If your TMD is caused by your bite, this is probably the first kind of treatment that your dentist will recommend. A splint will be used to reduce the stress on your jaw and allow your muscles to properly function and to correct your bite. There are many different types of splints or other appliances that your dentist can make. The dentist will be the one to decide what will work for you based on your findings, diagnostic tests and symptoms. This splint or appliance will correct your bite and put the sockets of your jaw on its proper place, reliving the pain.

Occlusal Equilibration

If you don’t have any disorder with the structure of your joints, but there is a problem with the teeth, this is the treatment that best suits you. Occlusa equilibration isa process of reshaping the surfaces of those teeth that connects whenever you bite. This is done because you want your jaw to be closing properly all the time.

If your lower jaw managed to close properly, and is correctly positioned in its socket, you may notice that your jaw pain is now relieved almost immediately. This is because of the muscles functioning properly in your jaw.

Treating Structural Disorders

There are times when it’s the join that has a structural problem and it is necessary to perform more studies before you get treated. A panoramic x-ray can be helpful for this type of situations but sometimes an MRI is needed so the dentist can see the tissue that is around your disc joint. A CT scan can also be requested so that the hinges of the jaw can be seen.

Depending on what these images reveal, your dentist may recommend an intra-oral appliance, orthodontia or maxillofacial surgery. You may be referred to an oral surgeon or oral and maxillofacial surgeon who will further evaluate and treat your TMD condition.

Surgical Treatment

In serious cases, a surgery may be required. TMD related surgeries are always performed under anesthesia. This is a procedure called arthrocentesis where your joints are cleaned by putting some needles inside the area and removing fluid from it. There are times when the dentist inserts a scalpel indie the your joint that will remove tissue union and reposition the hinge of the joint.

Another type of surgery is athroscopy where your surgeon makes a laceration on your temple point at the front of your ear so he can put an endoscope in the area. This will give him a visual guide so he can remove and treat anything that needs to be done to reposition the joint and disc. Learn more about TMJ and understand what jaw pain is.

The Best Juicer under $100

Juicing improves your overall diet and health so if you don’t really exercise, this is the best way to get fit. Being a person who likes gadgets, you probably neglect physical activity and focus on computers or mobile phones. Juicing should be good for you because it’s easy to do and fun to make.  If you spent so much on your gadgets and you are now looking for a juicer that’s under $100, this is the article for you.

It’s natural to be overwhelmed by the price of high end juicers especially if you are just a beginner at juicing. So you ask what you should buy if your budget is under $100. There is a good juicer that will fit your needs and budget so make sure to read on.

The juicer that you’ve been looking for is the Breville BJE200XL. This juicer retails for under $100 and is a very good juicer to boot. Breville has been around for a long time and they are known to produce high

Why The Breville BJE200XL Is Really The Best Juicer Under $100

This juicer isn’t going to break or wear out easily. It’s been well designed and constructed with heavy duty materials. Is it indestructible? Of course not but it’s a lot better than a lot of other budget juicers out there. It’s good to know that Breville hasn’t skimped on construction where some other manufacturers have.

This juicer is very sturdy and it’s not going to break or be damaged very easily. It has a very good design and it was made with high quality materials. Of course it’s not indestructible but it’s also the best budget juicer in the market today. You can be sure that Breville made this product to last for a long time.

To know if this is really a good juicer, you should check out the latest juicer reviews. Users rave about it and there are no negative comments as well.

Most juicers that retail for under $100 have a wear motor power. A weak motor will result to ingredients not being pulverized enough to make a good juice. You are in luck because this juicer is still made with a 700 wat motor that can run up to 14,000 RPM. This kind of motor and speed can take on any kind of ingredients available.

However, because it’s a very cheap model, it doesn’t come equipped with a pulp ejection. This means that you have to manually remove the pulp from your juice or strain it. It’s not really a big deal because you are probably going to make juice at home and you have time to remove the pulp from every batch. If you think this is a problem for you, there is another Breville model thatcosts just $50 more. This is the Breville JE98XL.

Overall, the Breville BJE200XL is still a quality juicer for its price. IT is a good juicer for people who are just beginning to find that juicing is a healthier way to live life.

How to Maintain Your Air Conditioner

An air conditioner’s coil, filter and fins need regular maintenance so the unit can be effective and efficient throughout the year. If you neglect proper maintenance, your unit will decline in performance and the energy consumption will increase.  If you don’t want the extra cost of having to buy another air conditioner, you need to take extra measures to prevent your unit from getting damaged. Since you are very technical and is connected to the world of technology, it will be easy for you to follow the steps needed to maintain your unit.


This is the most important part to maintain because the efficiency of your air conditioner depends on it being replaced regularly. If your filters become clogged or dirty, it will hinder the normal airflow and reduce your system’s effectiveness. When the normal airflow is blocked, the air that bypasses the filter can carry dirt straight to the evaporator coil. It can also damage the coil’s capacity to absorb heat. Replacing dirty filters will lower your energy consumption by 5 to 10%

Some filters can be reused while others are made to be replaced. These air conditioners are available in different types and effectiveness. As a general rule, you can replace your unit’s filters every month or every 2 months if you don’t use it everyday. Also, if you have pets inside the house, you need to replace it more frequently since pet hair go inside the unit and clog the unit.


The evaporator coil and condenser are the ones that collect the most dirt overtime. They are still dependent on the air filter because it prevents them from spoiling faster. However, no matter how many times you replace the filter, your evaporator coil will still be dirty over the years. Because of this, the air flow is reduced and the coil becomes insulated. You need to avoid this by checking the coils annually and cleaning it.

The coils will collect even more dust if the environment that it’s in is dirty as well. Minimize the dirt that is near the unit. If you clean the area around the condenser coil and remove all debris as well as trim the foliage at least 3 feet, it will help the air to flow around the condenser.


These fins are found on the evaporator and condenser coils. They are bent very easily and results to the airflow being blocked because of the coil. There are tools like a fin comb that can restore this comb into good shape.


You need to use a stiff wire through the air conditioner’s drainage every now and then. Clogged channels cause the unit’s ability to reduce humidity to go down.


You need to take a look at the seal between the air conditioner and the frame of your window to make sure that it still creates contact with the metal case of your unit. This seal can be damaged by moisture that lets the cool air escape.