Monitor Your Progress

homefitnessExercising is the best way to achieve a fit and healthy body that can help prevent disorders and diseases. There are many options when it comes to exercising, and each of these choices can be tailored into your lifestyle. There is no such thing as “too little exercise” because the act of sweating and moving your body even in a short span of time is already a good start. There are hardcore fitness buffs that put in hours of their days to work out. Athletes are also required to do their training daily or even more if they need to compete.

But this doesn’t mean you have to do the same to stay healthy. Today, modern technology is everywhere, and that includes the fitness industry. The old system of monitoring a person’s fitness progress has been used for a long time, and there is no denying that it is effective. However, applications and systems built with advanced technology is sure to be more accurate and effective. There are many applications that you can buy or download for free which will help you monitor your fitness progress and get you closer to your weight goal.

Goals on Track

This goal setting and productivity app lets you experience the process of goal setting using the practices in psychology and personal development principles. It helps you set your goal along with its purpose and duration. After setting your goal, it helps you create your action plan and then let you track your progress by checking the box beside your completed tasks. The app has a built-in journal that allows you to track your progress and record them. It also has a habit tracker (know its advantages) that gives you a visual representation of your success so far. This app can seem expensive to some at $68/ year.

Lifetick app

This is a goal tracking application that requires you to start by establishing your core values then asks you to follow the SMART method in goal setting to create tasks that are needed to achieve your goal. The app lets you mark tasks that you’ve completed and allows you to review them in a later date using a journal of all your achievements and tasks. Unlike Goals On Track, Lifetick lets you invite other people to see your progress. You can have your cheering squad that will leave comments on your progress just to keep you motivated. The Lifetick application is also available for business to let you set team goals, track each employee’s progress and assign tasks. You can get it for free with limited features which makes it a great app to start with for beginners.

Habit List

This is an app that tracks your streaks when it comes to your habits. There is an option to make flexible schedules for your habits that need to be done in specific days and intervals. This is useful for bloggers that need to create content twice a week or for those who like to hit the gym on specific days of the week. Habit list is sure to send you reminders on these days, so you do not forget what you are supposed to do or where you’re supposed to be. Visit their site at:

While these apps are great for those doing diverse workouts or those who go to the gym, people who prefer to do home exercises can still make use of these apps. For those with fitness machines like treadmills, the most common home machine available, there are apps installed in these machines that can keep track of your progress. Treadmill desks are a known home fitness machine to people who simply can’t get away from their work easily but still wants to put in some exercise each day.