Top 3 Beauty Schools

A career in cosmetology can give you the financial freedom that you’ve always wanted and lets you express yourself through different types of art form. If you’ve decided to study cosmetology to join the growing community of cosmetologists, finding the right school should be your first step. Beauty schools are pretty fun to be in but learning is the hardest part. You need to find the perfect school for you because you will be spending a lot of time here.  There are many questions that you need to ask before you decide to attend a cosmetology school like if they will help you get a job when you graduate. There are mobile applications that feature reviews of beauty schools, but here are some of the top beauty schools that you can choose from.

The Aveda Institute

This is one of the best cosmetology schools out there and students are guaranteed to have a good education that includes hair cutting, esthetician services and coloring. Aveda give students lots of support especially in financial aid. They also have flexible class schedules as well as job opportunities. There are many Aveda schools in the United States and this gives you a huge network to connect with when you graduate.

The best part about being a graduate of this school is their passion for continued education. You will have opportunities that include annual Aveda education classes, Business College and different speeches by people who already made it in the industry.

Empire Beauty School

Empire has been in the business of beauty for over 75 years. With cosmetology schools in over 20 states, Empire Beauty School is a great choice for your education.

Empire has been dedicated to the business of beauty for more than 70 years now. They have beauty schools in more than 15 states making them a good choice for quality education.

Graduates of this school have gone to the world of show business to work with celebrities. Some opened their own salons and travelled all over the world. Empire makes sure that you make your dreams come true and support you in doing that. They are also known to give students the best job placement opportunities.

Paul Mitchell Schools

Paul Mitchell has over 40 beauty schools across the country and offers financial aid opportunity,

There are graduates of this school from everywhere in the world. The name Paul Mitchell is recognized by every prospective employer around the globe giving you more opportunities to be hired. The good thing about this school is that they have a good name for being innovative and delivering high quality results. Graduates are expected to learn all these things once they leave the school.

This school offers various courses in design, coloring, cutting, makeup, fashion and hairdressing in a well developed program. They are also involved in many trade shows that gives their students networking opportunities.

The Paul Mitchell school has over 40 schools around the world that says a lot about the quality of education that they give to their students.